Monday, August 25, 2014

Israel: Will ISPs have to Send Detailed Surfing Records to Subscribers?

Gilad Erdan,Minister
of Communications 
Earlier this month, Israel's Ministry of Communications (the local regulator) published 2 calls for hearing about new parental control services to be provided by broadband ISPs (here) and MNOs (here, both in Hebrew).

According to the documents, only a small number of the subscribers have signed for the filtering services of harmful sites. These services should be provided by all licensed ISPs and MNOs for free.

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In order to increase public awareness to the risks, and to the SPs solutions, the Ministry is considering requiring SPs to add the following services to the filtering service:
  • Allowing subscribers to manage the time of day and duration of surfing, with an option for flexibility and changes
  • The SP will send, on a daily weekly or monthly basis, a report by Email a report on all sites visited by the subscriber
  • The SP will allow the use of "user names" on a single device, enabling the service to some of the user names
  • The filtering service will not affect the browsing QoE
  • The subscriber will be able to select between a device based or a network-based service 
And again - all the above is expected to be provided for free!!!

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