Sunday, August 31, 2014

Opera Adds Audio to Rocket Optimizer

Opera Software announced that its "Skyfire unit [see "Opera Buys Skyfire for (up to) $155M" - herehas added streaming audio optimization as a new feature to Rocket Optimizer, its NFV-ready video and data optimization platform for mobile operators .. Rocket Optimizer manages streaming audio traffic in the same way that it optimizes mobile video traffic. 

It uses its built-in Experience Assurance functionality to automatically detect when the end-user’s live audio stream is about to stall, buffer or drop off entirely due to a poor connection – in real-time, before the problem starts. Rocket Optimizer then instantly adapts the audio stream to fit the available capacity in the network, in order to ensure the end user receives a smooth, uninterrupted, high-quality streaming audio experience. 

Rocket Optimizer’s streaming audio optimization works with most of the world’s most popular streaming music services, as well as with “long tail” streaming content hosted on myriad web sites. It supports both MP3 and MP4 stream formats, and - unlike competing optimization solutions – can also convert streams to the more efficient AAC+ codec, which is able to deliver high audio quality over a low bitrate connection to any compatible device".

See "Opera’s Skyfire unit adds streaming audio optimization to Rocket Optimizer" - here.