Tuesday, August 5, 2014

More on Procera's Device-based Solution

I had a short Q&A session with Cam Cullen [pictured], Procera Networks' VP of Global Marketing following their recent announcement (see "Procera Revolutionizes Location-based Mobile Traffic Management" - here).

Q: I understand that this is a device-based solution (App ?). Which platforms are supported?
A: This is a SIM-based application, so device and OS independent

Q: What does the device measures - how does it calculate the QoE?
A: It measures signal strength and quality on the device, and the PacketLogic measures the IP QoE on the network. One of the things missing from the operator’s visibility today is what signal is actually being received by the device (I have three bars!). With RAN Perspectives, we are able to get the signal strength and quality directly from the device, and measure this in other real-time (for customer care) as well as historically for service availability measurements for each subscriber.

We can also do what we call “out-of-coverage” detection, and store when a subscriber falls out of coverage with their location and time, and then report when they come back on the network, helping the operator detect coverage holes proactively, and ensure that high value subscribers are receiving a high quality of experience. This is part of our Crowd Sourced Minimized Drive testing solution offering with the product.

Q: Will you measure higher-level, application-related KPIs?
A: We will, but that will happen in the network with PacketLogic. We do not want to impose device limitations by going up to the application layer, which brings up privacy issues as well as limits the usefulness of the solution. The SIM does not have full access to that type of information easily.

Q:  How it will be distributed to the users?
A: This is distributed via OTA servers on the mobile network

See also a blog post by Cam: "From the Handset to the Internet: Enhancing the Subscriber Experience" - here.

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