Thursday, September 4, 2014

Citrix: LTE Video Data is 5X Compared to 3G

A new report by Citrix (Bytemobile) finds that:

  • Mobile network traffic volume associated with video has increased worldwide over 2013 and now represents 52% of worldwide mobile network traffic volume, as compared to 45% in Q2 2013 

  • On a daily basis, social networking is the most popular mobile application, with 40% of mobile subscribers engaged, followed closely by news & information at 37% and shopping at 30%
  • There are 1.5x more requests for video over LTE than over 3G. These result in 5X more video data volume served over the LTE network than the 3G network due to longer viewing times and higher resolution content 

See "Citrix Data Shows New Trends in Mobile Subscriber Data Usage" - here.


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