Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sandvine Receives $5M Expansion Order (CALA)

After Allot's overwhelming $15M order (here) there were good and bad news from Sandvine.
  • The company announced that it "expects revenue for its third quarter to be between $27.5 and $28.0 million ... Our results this quarter highlight the challenges related to the timing of closing larger opportunities. There were a couple opportunities that we expected to close in the quarter that did not materialize as quickly as expected, which is disappointing, but we do anticipate closing them in Q4"

    See "Sandvine Provides Q3 2014 Revenue Estimate" - here
  • Nevertheless Sandvine " has received over $5 million in expansion orders from a global tier 1 mobile operator group for its properties located in the Caribbean and Latin American (CALA) region. The operator group has been a customer since 2012 and has already deployed Sandvine products in select markets in the Caribbean and Asia Pacific. The expansion orders were received in Sandvine’s third quarter. With these orders, the tier 1 mobile operator group will grow Sandvine’s Network Policy Control solutions to over a dozen markets in CALA, which will allow the group to offer innovative new service plans to subscribers throughout the region".

    See "Sandvine Receives Over $5 Million In Expansion Orders From Tier 1 Mobile Operator Group" - here.

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