Thursday, September 18, 2014

Vedicis and 6WIND Launched Virtual PCEF and TDF

Vedicis and 6WIND announced they have launched  "virtual Policy Control Enforcement (vPCEF) and virtual Traffic Detection Function (vTDF) appliances to support mobile operators in their move towards Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) architecture. 

The Vedicis solution runs on a standard Intel server and includes:
.. vPCEF and vTDF are required to provide DPI-based advanced charging, bandwidth and congestion control, and traffic visibility for data usage knowledge .. 6WIND’s Fast vNIC driver is integrated into Vedicis’ Content Smart Switch running as a Red Hat KVM guest to exchange packets (external traffic and VM to VM communication) with faster virtual input/output (I/O) technologies". 

See "vPCEF & vTDF Platform" - here.

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