Monday, September 8, 2014

[Strategy Analytics]: 3G Service Revenues Decline

A new report by Phil Kendall [pictured], Executive Director, Wireless Operator Strategies, Strategy Analytics finds that:
  • Global mobile service revenue growth will accelerate in 2014, though after passing the $1 trillion mark in 2015, will struggle to grow any further
  • Europe remains a drag on global mobile service revenue growth, with 2014 revenue forecast at 17% below its 2008 peak. The jump in global growth in 2014 is largely down to the slowing rate of decline in Europe
  • 3G service revenue has begun to decline in 2014 as 4G growth accelerates. 4G LTE connections will account for 9% of global service revenue in 2013 and more than half of the 2018 total

  • Despite the healthy 4G LTE contribution, revenue growth prospects are slim for mobile operators this decade. Mobile connectivity revenue will begin to decline in 2019.

See "4G LTE Boosts 2014 Mobile Service Revenue Though Impact Short-lived" - here.

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