Sunday, August 2, 2015

2000 Net Neutrality Complaints Filled

Brendan Sasso [pictured] reports to the National Journal that " In just the first month that net-neutrality regulations have been in effect, consumers have filed about 2,000 complaints to the Federal Communications Commission against Comcast, AT&T, and other Internet service providers, according to records obtained by National Journal.

And the depth of consumer outrage over unreliable Internet service and high prices is undeniable. .. Many consumers complained about data caps .. a consumer stopped watching Netflix and Hulu because of the "ridiculous" data caps

The FCC estimated the total number of informal complaints filed in the first month of the new regulations and provided copies of 50 of those complaints to National Journal as an initial response to a request submitted under the Freedom of Information Act. Public comments on proceedings and formal complaints are available on the FCC's website, but the agency does not routinely make informal consumer complaints available

See "Thousands Beg FCC for Net Neutrality Crackdown" - here.

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