Saturday, August 22, 2015

Aterlo Networks Deployed by Wireless Nation (ANZ); Offers Subscriptions

Last December I presented Aterlo Networks (see "Ex-Sandvine Team NightShifts Netflix for Satellite Subscribers" - here) and interviewed the CEO, Gerrit Nagelhout (here).

Aterlo NightShift Solution 

Since then, Aterlo made a nice progress, partnering with an ISP to deploy its technology in Oceania and offering its service directly to consumers:
  • Wireless Nation, an ISP from New Zealand, is using Aterlo's Nightshift technology

    "New Zealand and Australian Netflix users can now save time, money and their data allowances .. Wireless Nation’s technical director, Tom Linn says he’s pleased to be able to offer this easy solution to customers frustrated with slow internet speeds due to congestion at peak times .. For Wireless Nation’s rural customers, this is a great saver because they can pre-load Netflix shows and movies at night, using their free off peak data .. NightShift comes in the form of a dual-band router that plugs into the back of your current router. The NightShift technology is installed into the router so it’s ready to use from the moment you get it"

    See "Streaming Netflix in NZ Just got Much Easier" - here
  • The company is moving forward with its plan to offer paid subscriptions to consumers ('The idea is to charge a monthly subscription fee" - here) and launched a new site for direct sale to consumers. The service is priced at $9.99/month, and ooffered now, for a limited time, at $6.99. 

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