Tuesday, August 11, 2015

SoftBank to Offer Fastly CDN in Japan

Fastly Data Center
Fastly announced that it is partnering with "SoftBank Corp. to offer Fastly’s CDN services in Japan. 

Under the partnership, Fastly CDN services will be managed and operated for Japanese customers by Fastly. SoftBank will provide the primary sales route to market, with implementation and support delivered jointly in collaboration between Fastly and SoftBank. The Fastly Solution is available immediately via SoftBank to companies in Japan, and directly via Fastly to companies globally.

Japan's national Internet has historically had a single point of interconnection in Tokyo. To ensure the level of performance and resiliency expected from a CDN, Fastly has deployed a second POP in-country. The next logical point of interconnect is located in Osaka, where networks and enterprises have built secondary facilities in order to reduce network latency and to provide redundancy in the event of a catastrophic event affecting Tokyo". 

Fastly offers an "Accelerate anything" content distribution solution:
  • Static content - Cache static content — including images, CSS, and JavaScript — to ensure a faster response and download time for your end users. Fastly is built on Varnish, and its architecture is designed to cache entire webpages, handling traffic even more efficiently.
  • Event-driven content - We’re the only CDN that caches frequently changing and unpredictable content. “Event-driven” content is static for some unknown period of time, and then changes. Examples include wiki pages, news headlines, stock prices, sports scores, inventory, and APIs.
  • Dynamic Site Acceleration (DSA) - Fastly optimizes delivery from origin over long distances. Through the use of network and protocol optimization, along with mechanisms such as Origin Shield, Fastly’s DSA offering is capable of transporting dynamic content over long distances with efficient speed.
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