Thursday, August 6, 2015

Silicom Wins $1M/Year 100GE Bypass Blade for Traffic Management Vendor

Silicom (NASDAQ: SILC) announced a "Design Win for 100G Bypass Blades with an existing customer in the Traffic Management industry. Initial-quantity production has begun and is expected to ramp up to approximately $1 million per year .. Silicom’s Bypass switches are fail-safe mechanisms that assure the continued flow of traffic in high-traffic in-line appliances in times of failure, whether due to loss of power, software malfunction or other occurrence"

The following chart from Silicom's recent presentation shows who their existing Traffic Management customers are: 

Shaike Orbach, President and CEO, Silicom said: “.. with the 100G market moving toward mainstream deployments, we believe that revenues from this Design Win will grow beyond the currently-forecast $1 million per year, and that our strong 100G capabilities will become an increasingly strategic advantage, contributing significantly to our ability to achieve our long-term growth targets.

See "Silicom Announces Design Win For 100G Bypass Blades With Existing Customer" - here.

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