Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Does Comcast Use Data Caps for Fair Service?

Karl Bode reports to techdirt that "For years the broadband industry tried to claim that they were imposing usage caps because of network congestion. .. big ISPs have tried to argue that caps are about "fairness," or that they're essential lest the Internet collapse from uncontrolled congestion.

Comcast is of course slowly but surely expanding usage caps into its least competitive markets. More recently the company has tried to deny it even has caps, instead insisting these limits are "data thresholds" or "flexible data consumption plans."

But when asked last week why Comcast's caps in these markets remain so low in proportion to rising Comcast speeds (and prices), Comcast engineer and vice president of Internet services Jason Livingood candidly admitted on Twitter that the decision to impose caps was a business one, not one dictated by network engineering:

Read more - "Comcast Admits Broadband Usage Caps Are A Cash Grab, Not An Engineering Necessity" - here.

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