Thursday, December 23, 2010

DPI and Policy Management Vendors Are OK with New Net Neutrality

Some DPI and Policy Management vendors have already published their views on the new opportunities resulting from the recent adoption of Net Neutrality by the FCC (see my recent post "Net Neutrality Approval Reopens US Market for DPI and Policy Management" - here).

Openet's VP marketing, Michael Manzo, says in the company’s blog " One business model that Openet promotes is that the over-the-top providers share revenue with operators in order to have traffic prioritized and bandwidth shaped in order to guarantee high quality delivery.  Openet isn’t of the opinion that the ONLY option is for consumers to pay extra fees.  We simply believe that operators aren’t receiving a fair portion of the revenue in the value chain for their value within it."

See "What’s not being said in the Net Neutrality/Technology Debate" - here. See also "Allot - Openet: Monetizing and Controlling OTT Applications Use Cases" - here (and chart). 

Procera Networks' CEO, James Brear, says "Although the ruling might not deliver what either side of the debate was hoping for, it does support continued investment in network infrastructure by providing opportunities for innovative service offerings while preventing providers from blocking lawful over-the-top services. It leaves providers with room to offer service plans that are designed explicitly for over-the-top video services (e.g., a different usage plan for video services that is separate from regular data services) that enable high-volume video consumers to continue to enjoy the abundance of video available over the Internet. This ruling is positive for Procera by allowing our installed base of customers and new customers to take advantage of our industry-leading policy enforcement technology to create innovative service offerings that provide an opportunity for a return on continued investment in broadband network infrastructure."

See "FCC Net Neutrality Legislation Impact on Procera" - here.

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