Sunday, November 27, 2011

[Juniper Research]: 430M LTE Subscribers by 2016; Attracted by speeds and Service Guarantees

A new report by Nitin Bhas (pictured), Research Analyst, Juniper Research forecasts "a rapid uptake of LTE mobile broadband technology in the next five years but with a very limited global reach. Subscriber levels will attain 428m by 2016 but will only reach 6% of the global subscriber population .. the total number of LTE base station deployments will reach almost 1 million by 2014 .. LTE smartphones and tablets will dominate the LTE connected end user device market, accounting for 50% of the total LTE subscribers by 2016".

Report author added: ‘With LTE being offered as a premium level service initially, enterprise subscribers will be attracted by the improved data speeds and the service guarantees that will be offered. The emerging factor that will drive consumer take-up later in the forecast and beyond is the embedding of LTE technology in consumer devices.'

Forecasts for the number of LTE subscribers expected in 2015-6 vary among the research companies, but they all show small percentage of the total number of mobile subscribers, that is expected to be at the size of world population (~7B):
  • Informa said in November that "By 2016, there will be 100 million LTE subscribers in the US compared to 613 million LTE subscribers worldwide" (Mike Roberts - pictured, here
  • Infonetics Research said last June that "The number of LTE subscribers is forecast by Infonetics to top 290 million by 2015" (here)
  • Maravedis said in June that "The number of users on long term evolution (LTE) networks will reach 326 million by 2016" (stoty by ZDNet, here)
  • Pyramid Research forecasted earlier this year "422 million LTE subscribers in 2015" (here)
Juniper Research press release - "LTE Mobile Broadband Subscribers to Reach Almost 430m by 2016 but Will Only Represent 6% of Subscribers Globally" - here; "4G LTE Opportunities" - report page here and whitepaper- here.

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