Tuesday, October 28, 2014

BroadForward Enables MVNO to Upgrade to LTE with Old Generation HLR

BroadForward announced that Voiceworks [MVNO, Netherlands] has "extended the use of the BFX Interface Gateway to support integration with KPN’s 4G network. Like for Voiceworks and hundreds of other operators and MVNO’s worldwide, it used to be impossible to connect to 4G/LTE networks with existing, older generation HLR’s (pre 3GPP release 8). This limitation is now removed with the latest release of BFX, facilitating connectivity with LTE networks for various generations of HLR’s.

Working in close cooperation with Voiceworks, BroadForward has developed a unique solution to address this limitation, provided as an on-board function of the BFX product. Now service providers with older generation HLR’s can establish LTE connectivity with a cost-effective and independent solution. This offers providers the opportunity to avoid the usual route of upgrading their HLR, often involving high cost, risky projects and vendor lock-in".

See "Voiceworks launches 4G service with unique interworking solution from BroadForward" - here.

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