Friday, October 31, 2014

F5 Business Update: 40 DSC Deployments

Some quotes from the recent F5 Q4 F2014 earning call, by Andy Reinland, CFO and John McAdam [pictured], CEO (retiring in a year):
  • we continue to win large deals in service providers with both our traditional traffic-steering solutions and telco-specific offerings such as Policy Enforcement Manager, CGNAT, and Traffix Diameter products
  • We have also made significant progress with our Traffix Diameter solutions for LTE rollouts. Our competitive win rate is very high and we now have approximately 40 projects currently in production, with several other projects in process
  • we're pretty excited. I am, and so is the service provider team, about the TCP optimization stuff that we've done during the year. I wouldn't underestimate that opportunity. Basically for heavy traffic, it's a great money-saver for the -- and increases the quality for the service providers. Traffix, we feel really good about
  • [Q] by Catharine Anne Trebnick: "Could you tell me roughly how many different use cases you would see in the different operators? I think that would help with -- because you're getting a lot of traction with Traffix and PEM, but like let's take a Tier 1 operator versus a Tier 2 operator. And how many different use cases would they use of F5 today versus maybe perhaps a year ago?"
  • [A] by Manuel F. Rivelo - EVP, Security and Strategic Solutions: "Well, Catharine, it's Manny. It's hard to -- I don't have year-on-year comparisons. So it's hard to give you that, but I'll show you when we -- on 2 weeks, when we're over at the Analyst Conference, I'll show you 11 use cases that we're selling aggressively into service providers this year. ..  what we're seeing with service providers is not only the standard use cases we sell around TCP optimization, firewall security, application security, the list goes on and on, but we're also seeing service providers use the extensibility of our product, the openness of the platform, allowing them to program the platform to solve their unique application, traffic-steering problems and/or application problems inside that environment. And that's the power of iRules, iApps, et cetera".
See "F5 Networks' (FFIV) CEO John McAdam on Q4 2014 Results - Earnings Call Transcript", by Seeking Alpha, here.

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