Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Verizon Wont Optimize LTE Congestion by Temporary Throttling

Back in July Verizon announced that it will ".. expand its existing Network Optimization to include unlimited data customers who use 4G LTE devices .. when an unlimited data customer meets specific criteria and hops onto a cell site that is experiencing high demand. This is only a temporary reduction, not a billing cycle throttle. Once that customer leaves the cell site under stress, their connection should return to normal" (see "Verizon Expands "Optimization" to LTE Subs to Fight Cell Congestion" - here).

Something has changed, and Verizon announced recently that "We’ve greatly valued the ongoing dialogue over the past several months concerning network optimization and have decided not to move forward with the planned implementation of network optimization for 4G LTE customers on unlimited plans. Exceptional network service will always be our priority and we remain committed to working closely with industry stakeholders to manage broadband issues so that American consumers get the world-class mobile service they expect and value"

Verizon "Network Optimization Practices for Customers with Unlimited Data Plans" (here) is yet to be updated. It explains the optimization practice ("To optimize our network, we manage data connection speeds for a small subset of customers – the top 5% of data users on unlimited data plans – and only in places and at times when the network is experiencing high demand") but excludes only some LTE customers ("Only a small percent of customers will be affected. To be affected, you must be a data customer on an unlimited data plan who is among the top 5% of data users. Network Optimization of 4G LTE devices does not apply to government customers or business customers who have signed a major account agreement").
See "Ensuring the Optimal Wireless Experience" - here.

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