Sunday, October 12, 2014

Allot Transfers its US Video Optimization R&D Center to HQ (Israel)

Bruce V. Bigelow reported to the xconomy that "Israel’s Allot Communications is shutting down its San Diego-based operations, which came with the 2012 acquisition of Ortiva Wireless, a spokeswoman confirmed today. About 20 employees are affected by the shutdown, according to an e-mail from Maya Lustig, director of communications for Allot, which is based near Tel Aviv, in Hod Hasharon. Ortiva, which specializes in optimizing video streaming across wireless networks, had 41 employees in San Diego when the deal closed". 

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Yaniv Sulkes [pictured], AVP Marketing, Allot Communications provided me with the following comment:

"Allot Communications views video-related solutions as a core part of its offering to its customers. As part of this view we have developed many different solutions in this area – solutions for video-caching, video-optimization, video-analytics and others. The operation and development of most of these solutions is done mainly from Allot's headquarters in Israel, while part of the video-optimization development is done from our facility in San Diego". 

Source: {Core Analysis}

"Further to our continuing goal to best support and answer our business and customer needs, Allot decided to begin a process of transferring and centralizing all video knowledge regarding markets, products and support to our headquarters in Israel. We aim to complete this process by the end of this year and as a consequence, we are gradually closing our facility in San Diego. We believe centralizing our video capability will enable us to continue to improve the solutions, services and support we provide to our customers".
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