Wednesday, November 25, 2015

ALU to Offer Vedicis' Smart Data as a Managed Service

Vedicis and Alcatel-Lucent’s managed services business announce an "industry-unique service and business model to put clients and subscribers at the heart of service providers’ decision making process .. Smart Data as a Service is a Managed Information Service that complements or replaces the traditional CAPEX model based on hardware, software, storage and analytics by providing a simple access to information for network, marketing, contact centre stakeholders, based on virtualized software and service platforms. 

The main value proposition of Smart Data as a Service consists of:
  • Drive customer centric transformation: Adopt and extend a client 360 degrees view to all customers
  • One Service Multiple facets: Leveraging consistent and critical set of data
    • Subscribers, usage, devices, location, net technology, etc
    • Capacity planning, network operations, profiling and marketing, revenue assurance, legal compliance, etc.
    • Speed, time to deliver value: operational in weeks, removing technology, skills and geography barriers
  • Pay for what you focus on: Get what you need, avoid upfront investment, maximize return on investment
  • Real-time: Cut data collection, processing and editing time to seconds 
See "Smart Data As A service with Alcatel-Lucent Managed Services" - here.

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