Wednesday, November 18, 2015

RAD, Sandvine and CenturyLink Showcase Application–aware Networking Solutions

RAD, in collaboration with Sandvine and CenturyLink, announced that they are "conducting a joint Proof of Concept (PoC) demonstration  .. The three companies will showcase application–aware service level agreement networking solutions, designed for communications service providers (CSPs) .. The PoC will demonstrate powerful three core capabilities, including assured connectivity for Carrier Ethernet and IP, as well as application-aware visibility and policy control

RAD and Sandvine will demonstrate how their award-winning Service Assured Access and Cloud Services Policy Controller solutions are integrated in an application-aware networking architecture designed to help service providers, like CenturyLink, deliver highly reliable and intelligent business services. 

RAD's Service Assured Access

In particular, RAD’s programmable MiNID provides powerful SLA assurances, application aware networking, and packet capture capabilities in a very convenient “plug wherever you need” SFP sleeve form factor that is ideal for introducing innovative service offerings into existing networks without the need for forklift upgrades.
See "RAD, Sandvine and CenturyLink Will Conduct Application-Aware Networking with SLA Assurance Joint Proof of Concept at GEN 15 Conference" - here.


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