Friday, November 6, 2015

Virgin Media [Ireland] Partners with Webroot for Free, Opt-in Parental Control

Virgin Media Ireland announced that it is  "launching a new way to help parents protect their children from age inappropriate material on the web - Virgin Media Parental Controls

Free to all Virgin Media broadband customers, this new opt-in service is a first in Ireland and offers a one click solution to automatically restrict access to websites containing age inappropriate content. When parents activate the Parental Controls service, Virgin Media will automatically restrict access to websites under categories including - Adult and Pornography, Hate & Racism & Violence. Once activated, the restriction will become effective across all devices connected to the Virgin Media network in the home.

Virgin Media has partnered with Webroot, a market leader in intelligent cybersecurity for endpoints and collective threat intelligence, to deliver granular URL classification data for Virgin Media Parental Controls through integration with the Webroot BrightCloud Web Classification Service.

The classification data from Webroot enables Virgin Media Parental Controls to establish granular policies that selectively allow, block, or isolate websites based on 10 categories, which include Adult and Pornography, Nudity, Abused Drugs, Marijuana, Hate & Racism, Violence, Hacking, Weapons, Questionable and Gross.

See "Virgin Media launches new one click ‘Parental Controls’" - here.

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  1. What a great news! Virgin Media has always looked after the interests of their customers. I cannot remember a case, when I couln`t reach them by phone 0844 324 0466 (everyone can find their number here ).