Friday, November 20, 2015

Openwave: 3 Tier1 Operators Deployed SDM Solution (Verizon?)

Openwave Mobility announced that "three Tier-1 operators have deployed its Subscriber Data Management (SDM) solutions
  • Openwave Mobility maintains the largest SDM/UDR (User Data Repository) deployment in the world with over 130 million subscribers at a Tier-1 operator in North America 

    [At the end of Q3, 2015, Verizon had 137.553M and AT&T had 126.406 wireless subscribers - here. Openwave could not  comment due to NDA with the cusotmer].
  • The SDM solutions are also being deployed with a Tier-1 operator in Japan
  • One of the largest group operators based in Europe. 
SDM is being utilized by these operators to address critical use cases such as UDR and identity management solutions. Some of these operators are now looking to deploy IoT devices.

In addition, Openwave Mobility has deployed its Smart User Repository (SUR) with several operators. SUR seeks to provide centralized management of all subscriber data. This allows operators to reduce service innovation cycles by exploiting common subscriber information

See "Three Tier-1 Global Operators Deploy Openwave Mobility’s Subscriber Data Management Solutions" - here.