Monday, November 16, 2015

Procera Launches Virtual Experience Probe

Procera Networks announced the release of its ".. game-changing Virtual Experience Probe, eVolution

Engineered to deliver intelligence to real-time analytics systems, eVolution is an all-virtual data enablement solution that empowers fixed, cable, mobile and WiFi operators to enhance the subscriber experience, by providing contextual intelligence they can act upon immediately. 

Rather than simply providing raw byte counts that are delivered by traditional probing systems, eVolution provides a broader subscriber view that enables an operator to take advantage of the intelligence in real-time with discount or turbo offers or for customer care problem resolution .. eVolution is available for purchase now. 

The eVolution data probe runs in VMware or KVM virtualization environments on COTS hardware, and is the world’s first fully scalable real-time big data source for network intelligence based on native DPI technology. eVolution is differentiated by:

  • Infrastructure and Vendor agnostic data acquisition
  • Real-time virtualized software with highly optimized performance on COTS hardware
  • Deployment flexibility for a broad ecosystem of customers: carriers, enterprises, system integrators, OEMs, channel partners, and third party big data providers
  • Flexible data and KPI formats for use by big data repositories
  • Best cost per subscriber value designed to augment or displace cumbersome and expensive passive probing solutions
eVolution’s base solution enables traditional DPI visibility through Traffic Perspectives, with additional Perspectives available to provide a comprehensive view into Subscriber, Routing, Device, Score, RAN, and Content data. These Perspectives are used to enhance the subscriber-focused data feed even further and give a holistic view of the subscriber experience. 
See "Procera Networks Launches eVolutionTM Virtual Experience Probe for Broadband Operators" - here.


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