Monday, November 9, 2015

Comcast Expands Usage Based Billing (Don't Worry - it's 300 GB)

Karl Bode reports to DSLReports that "Comcast continues to ignore customer backlash, and continues to dramatically expand the company's broadband usage caps and overage fees. A close look at Comcast's usage cap "trial" FAQ indicates that the company plans to quietly expand caps into Little Rock, Arkansas; Houma, LaPlace and Shreveport, Louisiana; Chattanooga, Greenville, Johnson City/Gray, Tennessee; and Galax, Virginia starting December 1. 

In all of these markets users now face a 300 GB monthly usage cap, with $10 per 50 GB overage fees.

..A copy of the notice being sent to users informs them that they shouldn't worry about the caps, because the "median usage for XFINITY Internet customers is 40 GB of data in a month" and "it appears this new 300 GB data plan will not impact you

See "Comcast Dramatically Expanding Usage Cap Areas December 1"- here.

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