Saturday, November 7, 2015

Astellia - $1M Contract with Econet Wireless [Zimbabwe]

Astellia announced "..the signature of a €1 million contract with Econet Wireless, Zimbabwe’s number one operator. Under the agreement, Econet will deploy Astellia’s vendor-independent solution on its 2G and 3G networks and will also get expert support from Astellia’s consulting team.

The Astellia solution allows Econet to closely monitor network performance, as the company takes concrete steps in its pledge to improve the quality of both its broadband and voice services"

Econetr's market information (Aug 31st, 2015):

"Astellia’s comprehensive monitoring solution features Packet Service Monitoring. This advanced module is designed to evaluate the quality of experience perceived from an end-user perspective for data services such as MMS, emails, video streaming and Internet. It will enable Econet’s optimization team to detect and investigate problems such as slow web browsing due for instance to congestion, inefficient transaction procedures or faulty handsets.

See "Econet Wireless calls upon Astellia's expertise to accelerate mobile broadband adoption" - here.

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