Sunday, November 15, 2015

DNA [Finland] to Roll-Out Comtel's New Mobile Data Purchase SaaS Solution

Comptel Corporation unveiled a "disruptive solution that both simplifies how consumers purchase mobile data, and gives operators the power to maximise mobile data revenues ..  The company’s new FWD solution consists of a native application (app), which lets users buy mobile data packets directly from their Android smartphones whenever they want. Rather than purchasing an inflexible plan based on megabytes or gigabytes, consumers can select a simple, time-based data option, ranging from as short as a minute to as long as a month, and enjoy full use of the Internet 

.. FWD is Comptel’s first SaaS solution and was developed within NXT, the company’s very own start-up incubator.

For example, as soon as a consumer opens up Twitter, or any other app requiring an Internet connection, on her mobile device, she gets a list of available mobile data offers. The consumer selects her desired option, and FWD connects her to the Internet within seconds. Now, she can browse her Twitter feed and explore the Internet without boundaries. She can also check her mobile connection status and extend it at any time.

FWD includes a versatile tool, empowering operators to create, sell and market mobile data offers in real time – without needing to modify their network at all. The tool embeds insightful and actionable analytics, so operators can understand their customers like never before. They may price mobile data dynamically, for example, during peak usage times or “happy hours,” enabling them to better monetise mobile data and to efficiently utilise their existing network infrastructure.

DNA, the leading provider of prepaid mobile subscriptions in Finland, is expected to roll out the service soon to prepaid customers in Finland, making Finnish consumers among the first in the world to enjoy FWD" 

See "Comptel Unveils FWD to Help Mobile Operators Win the Race for the Next Two Billion Internet Users" - here.

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