Thursday, April 23, 2015

EZchip - New 20 Gbps SSL Proxy Solution for Traffic Visibility and Monitoring

EZchip Semiconductor unveiled its "Transparent SSL Proxy solution designed to enable traffic visibility for network monitoring and network security equipment. Targeted for integration by Network Monitoring and Security Appliance OEMs, the application delivers performance levels of 20Gbps of SSL Proxy throughput and over 30,000 new connection setups per second .. a Transparent SSL Proxy inspector is used to give IT staff the needed visibility into all traffic that is transiting through their network ..the Transparent SSL Proxy software solution is available now for evaluation.

The EZchip Transparent Proxy SSL software is a robust SSL inspection solution that incorporates the production-grade MatrixSSL™ security stack from INSIDE Secure as well as EZchip’s tStack high-performance user-space TCP/IP stack. The software has been designed and optimized to take advantage of the architectural and acceleration features of EZchip’s TILE-Gx processor to deliver scalability across the entire TILE-Gx processor family at industry-leading performance per watt.

The EZchip Transparent SSL Proxy software application may be paired with EZchip’s TILEmpower™ family of appliances or TILEncore™ intelligent PCIe adapters to accelerate time-to-market for OEMs and system integrators looking for a white-box solution. Vendors may also choose to design their own appliance hardware with the TILE-Gx family of processors and deploy the EZchip SSL Proxy software along with other advanced software functions on the same device".

See "EZchip Introduces High Performance Transparent SSL Proxy Application for Network Monitoring and Security Vendors" - here.

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