Friday, April 3, 2015

Sandvine Adds Web Browsing QoE Measurements

Sandvine announced the "..introduction of new web browsing quality of experience (QoE) measurements ..  included with all Sandvine deployments, and allows CSPs to measure, in detail, the web browsing experience of their subscribers in both fixed and mobile networks, broken down by location, CDN, peering-link, device-type, user-plan, and other factors.

The feature dynamically builds a comprehensive library of profiles associated with a web page that is either popular with subscribers or otherwise designated as important by the operator.

Combining these profiles and real-time measurements made as web browsing traffic flows through the network, the solution examines more than 20 attributes for each page load and then translates these measurements into a web browsing quality of experience score (on a scale up to five) that corresponds to subscribers’ real-world experiences

See "Sandvine Introduces Web Browsing Quality Of Experience Measurements" - here.

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