Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Oracle's Diameter Signaling Calculator

Oracle has a tool for service providers, enabling them to "understand how to dimension their networks based on the number of subscribers they have to support, and the applications and services to be supported. This unique tool is built from years of modeling in live networks, and from signaling experts that understand the traffic flows introduced in Diameter networks when new services are implemented".

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"This tool is available online, and will provide some guidance to help engineers and planners understand the impacts of services at a high level

The following chart has been prepared by the tool for a network that starts with 200,000 LTE subscribers in year 1, through 400,000, 1M, 2M, 4M subscribers in the following years upto 5M in 6th year.

This imaginary network is located in Western Europe, and has 4% of inbound and 5% of outbound roamers.

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