Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Juniper (W/Maxeler Technologies) Unveiled an Application & Packet Flow Accelerator

MaxelerLow Latency Platforms
Juniper Networks unveiled the "..QFX5100-AA, a new application acceleration switch, and the QFX-PFA, a new packet flow accelerator module, together providing a ground-breaking data center switch that consolidates compute resources and customizable logic into the network. 

Building on Juniper’s proven QFX product family, the QFX5100-AA and QFX-PFA in partnership with Maxeler Technologies’ customizable software logic will significantly accelerate business-critical applications in latency-sensitive computing environments.

Available in Q3 2015, the QFX5100-AA and QFX-PFA will enable financial services providers to streamline their network operations while empowering their customers to make split-second analysis based on significant amounts of data. Specific benefits will include:

  • A holistic data center network architecture that builds on the Juniper Networks®QFX5100 with a new 40G Ethernet switch that combines the Intel® Xeon™ processor E3-1125C v2 with Broadcom switching silicon, and the QFX-PFA module based on the Altera multi-100G field-programmable gate array (FPGA).
  • QFX5100-AA and QFX-PFA work with Maxeler Technologies’ dataflow programming environment for specific application programming that enables customers to develop and customize applications that best suit their requirements.
  • Performance acceleration at the application level provided by using customizable logic to offload processing of compute-intensive, real-time, deterministic, latency sensitive applications"
See "Juniper Networks Advances Application Performance and Acceleration with New Compact Compute-Integrated Network Switch" - here and "Require high performance and application acceleration? Meet the new QFX5100-AA Switch" - here.

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