Saturday, April 4, 2015

UK: LTE Performs Better than 3G!

Finally, a prove that the huge investment in LTE pays off!
A new research by the British regulator, Ofcom, finds that "Overall, 4G networks performed much better than 3G networks in five sample towns and cities tested - Edinburgh, Leeds, London, Newcastle and Poole/Bournemouth - where both 4G and 3G networks have been rolled out. In these areas, 4G networks delivered an average download speed of 14.7Mbit/s (compared with 5.9Mbit/s on 3G) and took 0.72 seconds to load a web page (compared with 1.04 seconds on 3G).

Source: Ofcom

Average download speeds, by provider, Q4 2014 Source: Ofcom

"For web browsing speed, the research measured the time it took to load a standard web page. Web browsing is one of the most popular activities on 4G. Across all 4G networks tested, average web browsing speed was 0.72 seconds"

Average web browsing speeds by provider, Q4 2014 (lower is better) Source: Ofcom

See "Ofcom today published research into 4G and 3G mobile broadband performance" - here.

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