Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Allot: $8M Expansion Order for Security Services

Allot Communications' strategy of focusing on security (see "Allot CEO: We Compete Against Security Vendors" - here and "Allot's Former CEO: "Security is the Right Direction for Allot"" - here) shows results.

Allot's Allot ServiceProtector
The company announced that it has ".. received an expansion order of approximately $8 million from a major APAC tier-1 fixed-line operator for Allot Service Gateway Tera, Allot Service Protector and Allot Websafe

This incumbent operator is using Allot’s Service Protector in-line solution to protect national critical infrastructure, business communication, and IT infrastructure nationwide against destructive DDoS attacks. 

This is an expansion order to an existing project, which augments the solution’s scale, providing rapid identification and in-line mitigation of large scale attacks . 

The solution manages and secures traffic of up to two Terabits per second without the need to redirect traffic to a scrubbing center. The operator’s complex and high capacity network requires effective protection at a vast scale, which is achieved by Service Gateway Tera and its integrated security services". 

See "Allot Communications Receives $8M Expansion Order from a Tier-1 Operator" - here.

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