Saturday, September 12, 2015

Opera Offers "Ultra Data Savings" on Samsung Galaxy J2

Opera announced that "Opera Max together with Samsung R&D Institute of India powers Ultra Data Saving feature on Samsung Galaxy J2 in India. Consumers can get the most out of their mobile data plans.

Samsung Galaxy J2’s Ultra Data Saving let users to allow and block individual apps from using mobile data and save data by enabling data optimization at the same time. Each action takes just one click in Ultra Data Saving Mode. Users will also get an overview so they can track how much mobile data is consumed and saved, so they can enjoy the mobile internet with better peace of mind.

.. Opera Max offers unique data-optimization technology. It reduces data consumption on images, webpages, videos and audio streams, especially with image-heavy or video apps, such as Instagram, YouTube, Vine, IMDB and Flipboard. Ultra Data Saving mode provides up to 50% savings in data and also frees up to 11% RAM, thereby refining customer’s experience on a smartphone".

See "Opera Max supports Ultra Data Saving Mode for Samsung Galaxy J2" - here.

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