Monday, September 7, 2015

How Long will you Wait for Video to Load? Will you Pay Extra for QoE?

An "independent research conducted by Censuswide commissioned by Openwave Mobility has found that poor mobile video streaming is an even bigger headache than a dropped call for iPhone users. Over 2,000 iPhone users in the UK and US were interviewed ahead of the new iPhone launch on 9th September to study people’s mobile video habits:
  • Over half (59%) of subscribers in both countries will abandon streaming a mobile video if they have to wait longer than 15 seconds
  • Nearly a fifth (19%) will abandon a video after only a 5 second wait
  • In both countries almost 1/3 of subscribers (31%) expressed a strong view that video buffering is simply unacceptable, and video delivery by mobile operators is lagging behind the latest handset technology that is driving the industry forward
  • 39%, said they would pay extra dollars if the operator could only provide some assurance on the quality of video delivery
  • 1 in 2 customers blame the carrier for poor mobile video service and 1 in 3 blame Apple. Notably almost nobody blames the content providers or the Over The Top (OTT) players". 

See "Mobile Video Buffering is the Biggest Annoyance for iPhone Users" - here.

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