Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Allot: DPI Could Help CSPs Engage w/Customers at the Right Moment

Allot Communications announced that its recently published MobileTrends report "shows how the daily online behavior of each mobile customer can be used by CSPs to discover smarter ways to profile their customers and to propose targeted offers. 

Based on user profiles that were derived from online behavior, we identified 5+1 touch triggers for engaging customers at the right moment and in the right context for CSP service uptake: visits to risky sites, CSP competitor websites, and travel sites, as well as use of OTT cloud storage, mobile hotspots and video streaming.

  • On average, subscribers have 72 daily online transactions (each with the potential to become a touch trigger)
  • Business Users use mobile hotspots 69% more than the typical user profile, and Millennials do this 45% more than Baby Boomers
  • 45% of Female customers and 38% of Male customers watch video daily
  • 70% of video consumers are light viewers who watch 1-6 clips per day, while 8% are heavy viewers who watch 21+ clips per day. The majority of heavy viewers are Males (54%).
See "Allot Communications MobileTrends Report Reveals that 6% of Mobile Subscribers Visit Risky Websites Every Day" - here.

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