Saturday, September 26, 2015

Here Comes the "Fast Lane" from Verizon (Over LTE & Fixed)

Here is how to offer "Fast Lanes" in the Net Neutrality era: call it a private network.

Matt Hamblen reports to Computerworld that "Verizon today introduced an LTE wireless traffic management service to give business and government customers the ability to prioritize critical network-based applications.

..Verizon said it is the first U.S.-based carrier to offer such a service, which it calls Private Network Traffic Management .. The service will work over both LTE wireless and wired communications and will segregate the priority communications from Verizon's public network 

Verizon will offer different service levels, including a "mission critical" class, that a customer could use for video or voice over IP traffic. In that scenario, a customer could decide to prioritize video communications above emails or even lower-priority communications in a machine-to-machine network.

.. Carlos Benavides, associate director of product management, Verizon predicted the biggest use of the private network will be to support Internet of Things buildouts .. there would be three levels of service: Enhanced, Premium and Public Safety" 

See "Some IoT functions would get higher priority than others in a crowded network" - here.

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