Thursday, July 8, 2010

84% of Mobile Broadband UK Consumers Experienced QoS issues

"New consumer research .. by YouGov and Acision .. again reinforces the Quality of Service (QoS) challenges operators are facing with their mobile broadband services today. The research, which questioned UK consumers about their mobile broadband experience on smartphones, laptops and other mobile handsets found that, despite the rising popularity of mobile broadband:
  • 84% had experienced Quality of Service issues
  • Slow speeds are amongst the most encountered problem (67%)
  • poor network coverage (49%)
  • inability to get connected (45%) and
  • connection loss (40%)."
See "UK consumers show broad support for increased fairness, content adaptation and service differentiation policies across mobile broadband services" - here.

"Steven van Zanen, senior vice president marketing, mobile broadband, at Acision, said: “When reviewing the research, we identified three key areas where operators can deploy capabilities to raise QoS levels:
  • Defining fairness .. once aware of the issues surrounding the fair distribution of bandwidth, consumers responded positively to the option of allowing sophisticated fairness policies if this helped to improve the overall service.
  • Content optimisation is a second area where operators can improve user experience
  • The cost of offering high-quality mobile broadband at flat fees is becoming increasingly difficult for operators and making it hard for them to recoup investments and operating costs. However, analysis of user spend on mobile broadband demonstrates a very wide range of spend levels. This provides ample space for differentiated packages and pricing points, which can be set by operators and enables fairness for all.
Great to see such a perfect match between the general consumer opinion ("The research was carried out by YouGov, the international market research agency between 08/06/2010 and 10/06/2010 .. from a representative sample of 1,073 mobile broadband ") and the sponsor offering!

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