Friday, July 16, 2010

Tekelec CMO: "If the consumers want to continue to have access to VoIP or video services, then they have to allow some degree of ‘discrimination’ "

Susie Kim Riley, founder and CTO of Camiant and since the acquisition by Tekelec serves as its CMO, was interviewed by Susana Schwartz from Connected  Planet about next generation Services, policy management and the debate with the FCC on Net Neutrality.
See the article [with the provocative title] "Telcos, Google & academia — the plot thickens!" - here.

Some [again, provocative - but very true!] quotes:
  • "some “ivory tower” academics are applying theory rather than real-world economic and free-market knowledge to push regulators to heavily regulate the industry because they are convinced that operators would definitively block any type of “competing” traffic or applications, even if it meant losing subscribers and losing revenues."
  • "If the consumers want to continue to have access to VoIP or video services, then they have to allow some degree of ‘discrimination’ so that packets tied to dynamic services get to a destination before non-crucial packets like those associated with e-mail"
  • ".. She and others are proposing is a “two-sided business model," perhaps most aggressively championed by STL Partners’ Telco 2.0 initiative [here – in which service providers would be given the ability to work with third parties in non-discriminatory two-sided business approaches [chart below]. Discrimination has to be viewed in a more balanced way so that operators are allowed to do what is “reasonable” in managing network resources and allow room to make some revenue off of the broadband services the service providers are enabling"
  • “You can subsidize the experience for users by allowing app developers and OTT players to work with access providers in such a way that they can allocate bandwidth for more personalized and innovative services without forcing operators to eat the costs of enabling it to happen,”
All from the point of view of the vendors in this space, of course .. !

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