Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Validas: Usage per User Increased from 96.8 MB to 145.8 MB

Validas posted to its Blog a preview for a comprehensive study on wireless data consumption it is going to publish on September 1st.

See "Verizon Wireless Smartphones Consume More Data than iPhones" - here.

Study Highlights Include:

• Growth in data users from 42% to 53% of total subscribers between 2009 and 2010

• Increase in mean MB usage per user from 96.8 MB to 145.8 MB

• New Smartphones, excluding iPhone and Blackberry, drove the greatest increases in usage, with an increased mean consumption per user from 139 MBs to 415 MBs, and 87% of subscribers with usage to 94% of subscribers

• Mean data consumption among aircard users grows 8% from 1,373.3MBs to 1,485.2MBs

• Increase in data users among feature phones from 27.3% to 36.7% with an increase in mean data consumption from 46.1 MBs to 67.9 MBs

• Verizon Wireless posts the largest percentage increase in mean data usage per user from 48.2MB to 147.2 MB; increase from 33.4% to 42.9% lines with data usage

• T-Mobile second largest percentage increase in mean data usage per user, from 44.6 MB to 120.6 MB, but virtually no growth in overall percentage of lines with data usage

• Sprint increased from 36.9% of lines with data usage to 49.9%, but mean usage per user decreased from 166.5 MB to 133.4 MB due to increase in % of users consuming 50MBs or less per month

• AT&T continues to lead with 71.2% of users with data usage, up from 58.4%, with increase in mean usage per user from 111.9 MB to 149.6 MB

• VZW posted largest increase in aircard/laptop card mean usage per user, from 1.25 GB to 1.6 GB

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