Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Intriguing [DPI] Triangle - Tekelec, Genband, Procera

A small detail in Procera's reporting to the SEC (here) in connection with the appointment of Genband's President and CEO, Charles D. Vogt to its board of directors caught my attention this morning. The address for Mr. Vogt shows as Tekelec's address in Calabasas, CA. This probably has historical roots - since his days in public Tekelec (up to 2004) - after which he left to privately held Genband.

However, this made me thinking about the recent M&A activities in the Traffic management space- DPI and policy management, associated with these 3 companies:
  • Vogt was President and CEO of Taqua, which was acquired by Tekelec in March 2004.  Before joining Taqua, Vogt held executive leadership positions at Santera Systems which was acquired by Tekelec in 2005
  • 3 years ago, Genband acquired from Tekelec both companies (Santera Systems and Taqua - see "Tekelec and GENBAND Sign Agreement for Sale of Tekelec's Switching Solutions Group" - here).

    "Charles D. Vogt, President and CEO of GENBAND said “The combination of the two companies creates an enviable gateway and applications product portfolio and enables GENBAND to strengthen our relationship with our existing customers and business partners.
  • Earlier this year, Tekelec acquired Camiant, a leading Policy Management vendor, commonly deployed with DPI devices (see "Tekelec CTO on DPI Plans" - here)
  • Last week, Genband signed an OEM agreement with Procera (see "DPI Market: GENBAND OEMs Procera" - here)
So - is all this part of a grand plan from Genband to build with ultimate IP gateway possibly with some involvement of Tekelec?

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