Monday, July 19, 2010

DPI/QoS Deployments (14): Telkomsel (Indonesia) Uses Ericsson for Service Differentiation and Traffic Control

Ericsson announced last week that Telkomsel is using its solution for "Dynamic End-to-End Policy Control solution enabling service differentiation"

See "New business models possible for mobile broadband" - here.

, a subsidiary of state owned PT TELKOM, the PSTN incumbent (65%) and SingTel Mobile (35%), is the biggest mobile operator in Indonesia, with 82M subscribers (end of Q1), of which 2M are post-paid subscribers. Telkomsel operates over 32,000 base stations
 "Telkomsel's efficient utilization of radio and transport networks will be enhanced through deployment of the policy control solution. .. Data traffic is prioritized so that higher-paying subscribers get access, high speed and quality even during network peak hours, while other users receive different priority".

More on Ericsson's policy product - here

Sarwoto Atmosutarno, President Director of Telkomsel, says: "As traffic is growing with more capacity-demanding services and higher download speeds, we must adjust to our users' different expectations and needs. With our new solution, subscribers will be able to choose a pricing option that best suits their individual needs, depending on what services or applications they're using and how much they're willing to pay."

Earlier this month we saw a similar announcement from NSN - see "Elisa (Finland) Uses NSN for Quality of Service Differentiation" - here.

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