Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bridgewater and Broadhop are Getting Closer to Cisco

A significant number of Bridgewater's press releases in the recent months were about their evolving relations with Cisco - 3 messages since June 1st. The company also mentioned the relations in its Q2 financial results s "Business highlights" (here):

"Broadened relationship with Cisco by becoming a Cisco Preferred Solution Developer .. Successfully completed extensive interoperability testing with Cisco and .. announced the availability of the Bridgewater(R) Policy Controller and Home Subscriber Server on the Cisco Unified Computing System .. "

For some time now, following the consolidation trend (Cisco/Starent, Tekelec/Camiant), we see speculations for the interest of Cisco in Bridgewater - see "DPI Market/ M&A Rumors: Sandvine, Bridgewater, Redknee on the TEM Radar "- here and "Cisco Needs a Policy Server - Is it going to be Bridgewater, Openet or Someone Else?" - here

A recent Bridgewater press release announced the "availability of the Bridgewater® Policy Controller (PCRF) and Home Subscriber Server (HSS) on the Cisco Unified Computing System." (see "Bridgewater Announces Support for Cisco Unified Computing System" - here).

Few days earlier, we saw a similar message from Broadhop - "BroadHop Announces First Virtualized Policy Management (PCRF) Solution Available for Cisco Unified Computing System" - here.

In most cases such effort is a result of a specific project. We can assume that this is more than a porting exercise - it is very likely that the two PCRF competitors have already implemented a joint project with Cisco with new solution.

It seems that the two are going for the trophy - I wonder where is Openet?

Cisco Unified Computing System (Source: Cisco)


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