Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ofcom: 21% of Broadband Homes Use Mobile Broadband

One more chart from the recent Ofcom report (see "Ofcom: Mobile Data Volume +2234%, Revenues +90% (in 2 Years)" - here) shows the access technologies used by households with broadband service in Q12010:
  • 8.5% used a mobile broadband service only
  • 12.7% used fixed and mobile
  • 78.8% use a fixed service only 
A year ago only 4.4% used mobile only (close to 100% growth).

So while you can’t download 2.7TB a month (here) with an MBB service, and if you do it may cost you £27,000 (£5/500MB here), mobile broadband quickly becomes a valid alternative to DSL or Cable.

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