Tuesday, August 17, 2010

DPI Deployments (19): CSL [Hong Kong] Uses ZTE's ZOOMs to Optimize Network

ZTE reports in its ZTE Technologies magazine that CSL is using its ZOOMs solution to "control and management functions such as smart user behavior analysis, smart service billing, smart service bandwidth management, and smart service access control" - see more on ZTE's ZOOMs - here.

See "Hong Kong's CSL Optimizes Network Management with ZOOMs" - here and "World's First Dual-Band LTE Commercial Network Deployed by ZTE and CSL in Hong Kong" - here.

The article explains the 3 stages of implementing the solution:
  1. P2P service control and management - reduce congestion caused by P2P applications
  2. User internal service resource management - control resources based on per subscriber policies, including quota and parental control  
  3. In-depth service control and management - analyze network performance and subscriber behavior

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