Sunday, August 15, 2010

DPI Deployments (17): Griffin [UK] Offers DPI to Broadband Resellers

Griffin, a UK based ISP has recently announced that it will extend its DPI solution to wholesale customers using its L2TP Broadband offering.

See "Griffin expands traffic management offering to broadband resellers" - here.

Adrian Sunderland, Griffin’s CTO said - "..Partners are able to cap the total amount of bandwidth to be used by their base and to prioritise applications over that bandwidth. During this summer’s feast of sporting events the service could save thousands of pounds by managing the use of streaming applications like iPlayer."

According to Adrian "DPI is an absolutely essential component in delivering business broadband" -

See "Expert Witness - Deep Packet Inspection" - here.

"The graph [below - seems to be issued by Allot's NetXplorer reporting system] is from the Griffin DPI platform and shows the effect of P2P control being turned off at 18:00 on a reseller’s traffic. The effect is dramatic in this example because lots of P2P traffic was being held back and therefore the ‘back pressure’ causes a very high peak. However, back pressure aside, we typically see a bandwidth saving of 20-50% when we apply our business focused DPI profile to a reseller’s traffic."  

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