Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ZTE Launches ZOOMs - A DPI & PCRF Solution

ZTE Technologies magazine for August focus is Core Networks. An article by Zheng Xingming covers ZTE's DPI/PCRF solution, named ZOOMs.

"To address the problem of increased traffic but declining revenue in mobile data networks, ZTE has launched ZOOMs―a complete optimized operation and management system that incorporates green, convergent, intelligent, broadband concepts into its 3GPP Policy and Charging Control (PCC) based architecture."

See "ZOOMs: An Optimized Operation and Management Solution" - here.

"ZOOMs consists of four parts: packet core network gateway (GW/DPI), policy management system (PCRF/SPR), user behavior analysis system (UBAS), and online charging system (OCS/OFCS)"

I can’t locate these products in ZTE's web site, beyond the PCRF server - RCP (Resource and Charging Control Platform - here).

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