Thursday, November 18, 2010

DPI Deployment (41): Vodafone Uses DPI and Policy Management to Improve QoE (and the vendors are..)

Lightreading reports from the Boradband Traffic Management Event that "Vodafone Group is beefing up its traffic management capabilities in an effort to improve its customers' service experience, make its network more efficient, and stem the impact of the data deluge that's hitting its network.. Faced with mobile data traffic growth of 100% per year in Europe, it's no longer adequate for Vodafone to provide a best effort service"

See "Vodafone Flexes Traffic Management Muscle" - here.

Andy MacLeod, Vodafone's group network director, said that "As for what that traffic comprises 70% is Web browsing and video, which are about evenly split, and the remainder of the traffic is mostly peer-to-peer (P2P) .. A very small number of users generate most of the traffic. Mobile data isn't terribly mobile and the usage is mainly from home"

"To address the mobile data volumes, traffic patterns, and user behavior, MacLeod highlighted some of the capabilities that Vodafone is working with, including traffic inspection, application optimization, content caching, and traffic offload (in the access network as well as in the transport network).. the personalization that traffic management enables is what improves the customer experience and can lift customer satisfaction .. The biggest upside [of traffic management] is having the ability to help us personalize the experience for customers and optimize yield and profitability"

The DPI and policy management solutions used by Vodafone are provided by Allot (the company did not disclosed this, but Daniel Meron from RBC (pictured), the analyst covering Allot, was quoted here  in Hebrew estimating that "Allot's large mobile operator contract is with Vodafone" ) and Tekelec (Camiant PCRF - here).


  1. Just a small comment - I believe Andy's session was focused on the entire traffic and service management capabilities. These are actually performed by Mobixell's MSP (Multi Service Proxy, as VF call it) - while this has never been disclosed by neither VF or Mobixell.

  2. Allot and Tekelec are used by Vodafone Hungry...