Monday, February 7, 2011

DPI Announcement: Telco Systems and Advantech 40G Integrated ATCA Solutions

Telco Systems and Advantech announced "a strategic partnership to deliver integrated 40G ATCA platforms. The partnership brings Telco System’s carrier-grade switching software technology and blades to Advantech’s Networks and Telecom Group .. Telco Systems leverages its extensive experience in Carrier Ethernet networks to bring a carrier-grade solution to Advantech’s ATCA market".

See "Telco Systems and Advantech Partner to Deliver 40G Integrated ATCA Solutions" - here.

Franz Wei (picture),Vice President of Advantech, said: “The partnership gives customers a competitive advantage as we combine state-of-the-art switching, advanced load balancing, traffic management, and classification with the massive performance of next generation packet, signal and application processors. The resulting scalable systems will meet the most demanding requirements imposed by network and mobile security, deep packet inspection and video workloads

ATCA slowly becomes a popular platform for DPI - currently used by Allot, NSN (for Flexi NG - here), Alcatel-Lucent (5780 PCRF - here) and Procera. Allot and Procera are using blades made by Continues Computing.

See also "DPI Market: GENBAND OEMs Procera"- here for the possible OEM benefits of ATCA and  "How to Build DPI Products? (Part II - System Design)" - here.

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