Sunday, February 6, 2011

[Lightreading] BT CTO: "Caching does not Breach Net Neutrality"

A while ago, my post "Cache Deployment: BT's Wholesale Content Connect Service and Net Neutrality" (here) rasied a number of comments whether or not caching conforms to Net Neutrality.

Recently, Lightreading editor Ray Le Maistre interviewed BT's CTO,Clive Selley, on the challenging BT is facing, particularly in the delivery of video content.

Mr. Selley says that according to his definition, Net Neutrality means that the carrier does not differentiate in the delivery of legal content; Nevertheless, selling premium services, such as bringing content closer to the subscriber, by caching, does not breach Net Neutrality, as he sees it.

See "BT's CTO Preps for Video Challenge" - here and video below.

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