Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Telenor Norway Hopes to Charge YouTube

Much like the French government (see "French Government: Google and Foreign OTTs to Pay for Networks Usage" - here), or DT (see "Deutsche Telekom CEO: OTT providers should pay for High Quality" - here) Telenor Norway wishes to charge YouTube and  Norway's broadcast NRK for delivering their content to its subscribers.

"YouTube uses too much traffic and it needs to compensate ISPs for it .. The regime for distribution of data content is free for the sender, and this must be changed  .. For the content providers it means that they will have to pay to make content available online, regardless of how much they send.. Sites that pay up will get quality of service guarantees; everyone else goes into the "best effort" pool" according to Rolv-Erik Spilling (picture) Telenor's CTO interview with Norway's business daily Dagens Næringsliv,

See "Telenor hisser på seg VG, NRK og Youtube" (here, Norwegian) or a report in ars technica "Cash, please! A Nordic change of heart on net neutrality" - here 

It is not clear if the above refers to mobile and/or broadband services. Telenor Norway has over 3 million mobile telephone and 1.5 million broadband subscribers.

Maybe they should consider using Comcast's somehow more "politically correct" way and take it to the CDN provider? (see "Level 3 vs. Comcast - Charging for Off-Net Internet Video?" - here) or learn from the argument in France between Orange and SFR and Akamai (see Lightreading report: "Rumor: Akamai Got Kicked Out of France" - here) 

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